The Undeserved


There’s a girl sitting by the road,

With a one eyed doll,

There’s a directionless man,

With his gaze stuck to the wall.

She cries to be seen, he to be heard,

Lingering on the same path,

Pursuing different ways,

Praying to be saved from this ungodly wrath.

He gulps as his daughter comes to mind,

That baby pink dress he’d got for her,

How we longs to rewind,

It all happened in such a blur.

She stayed confused by the days,

Her chubby legs are tired and sore,

But she can’t find him anywhere,

The him who’d make her two into four.

Together one moment, severed the next,

Debris and blood blocking the way,

Eyes frantic, hands raised to the sky,

Ya Allah, make this a dream preceding the day.

Another shock, another rocky rain,

Another scream, another amputation,

Woe to such a day, such an age,

Where his…

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