The Truth About Child Marriages: Part 2

Much of the Islamic directive to treate women fairly and with kindness goes against deeply ingrained misogyny and patriarchal cultures. So what have cultural Muslims done? They have buried their daughters alive in marriages that they have not consented to, sentencing them to a life full of rape, servitude, and torture before they are even fully grown. The Muslims who claim that forced and child marriages are Islamic have changed the words of God into the words of man and sold it as divine law in order to fulfill their sick desires. And I ask of you, dear reader, is there a worse crime?


Written by Theresa Corbin in collaboration with Saadia Haq of The Human Lens

As we read in Part 1 (here), penned by our feminist friend, proud Pakistani, and human rights worker, Saadia Haq, we have a serious crisis in the Muslim world. Just one?! No, not by a long shot. But this particular crisis girls are facing is quite serious. Marriage. No child should even have to think about, much less fear the “M” word.

We are seeing a number of underaged Muslim girls being forced by their parents into marriages, all while being told that the injustices done to them are perfectly acceptable in Islam.

There is nothing new about claiming power illegitimately in the name of the Divine. It is the basis of my series, Take Back Islam. It happens in all faiths and at all levels, from familial to governmental.  

Slapping the…

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2 réflexions sur “The Truth About Child Marriages: Part 2

  1. Thanks for reblogging and supporting our work, sister! We certainly need to spread the message about real Islamic teachings in audiences.
    May Allah SWT reward you for all you did and do, ameen.


    • You are welcome sister. I want to partake in the actions done by many Muslim women to help and improve the situations of our sisters suffering in Islam. For now I can only reblog articles to spread the awareness, but once I earn enough money I wish to do more for themin sh Allah

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