Matchless Forgiveness



Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him)  was sleeping under a tree one day.  Da’sur,  a hostile horseman happened to pass that way.  He jumped down the faithful animal and pulled out his sword to put the enemy of his gods to death.  Awaken by the noise,  the prophet opened his eyes, and saw a sword shining over his head. 
« Who will save you now ? » cried the unbeliever with a look of triumph. 
« Allah!  » was he confident reply of the Holy Prophet.

These words struck the unbeliever with great terror.  He began to tremble and his sword fell down.  The Prophet got up with the same sword in his hand and said to Da’sur, « But who will save you now?  »
« None », replied the idol worshipper.
« No?  » replied the Prophet with a smile on his face,  « You’re entirely mistaken.  My God will save you, just as He has…

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