Commonly Misheard « Muslim » Words


Written by Theresa Corbin

Malaprops happen. Malaprop (noun): the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with unintentionally amusing effect.

In fact, I have run into many intelligent people who malaprop all over the place. « Arachnids » have become ARK-a-nides (A ship filled with pheasants?). And « hyperbole » has been known to sound more like HYPER-bowl (a Super Bowl for ADHD sufferers?). These malaprops are happening all over the place. To smart people. It’s pandemic. And it’s hilarious.

commonly misheard Muslim words

Malaprops of « Muslim » words are happening with great frequency here in the West. We Westerners are just not used to the interesting ways in which Arabic demands to be spoken by every part of the mouth, tongue, and throat. And because our Western tongues and ears are unaccustomed to linguistic acrobatics (we are lazier in our lingua), malaprops happen. And they are hilarious.

Here are a few I have…

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