Trolls, Lies, and Ego


Written by Theresa Corbin

It all started when I wrote about my Islamic experience, and a major news network picked up the « story ». I spoke about my journey and what I learned beyond just myths. I spoke about how we can defeat hate if we dispel ignorance.

And that pissed quite a few people off. My truth contradicted the lies haters/Islamophobes/self-described ‘infidels’ tell themselves. And their attack of me began, and hasn’t ended to date. Because how dare I promote peace and understanding? How dare I!


So I spent a lot of time being hurt, traumatized, and heart-broken because I am a human being and have actual feelings. After thousands of tweets, messages, emails, comments from people calling me every name in the book and wishing me every manner of harm, I realized it’s not important. Getting angry or fighting back about who I am just doesn’t matter. It’s not…

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